Who doesn't love New Year's Eve? Well, sure, a lot of people, I guess, but this isn't about them. This post is about one of those NYE haters in particular: Erica Murphy. Yep, my slightly grumpy heroine in Best Medicine.

NYE is my favorite (almost) holiday of all the (almost) holidays! I figured it would be fun to take someone who doesn't particularly care for the day and try my best to change her perspective. A hot man couldn't hurt matters, right? Right.

Erica and Asher were a joy to write or, rather, take dictation for as they bantered as only they could. Each of my characters is real to me, and they're no exceptions. As I typed, "The End", I found myself missing them already. There's a ton of story left to tell for those two, but I'm not sure they want me tagging along on the rest of their journey. I suppose they'll send me a mental invite if they ever want me popping into their lives again. In the meantime, the thought of a prequel to Best Medicine has crossed my mind, albeit briefly. Should I? Do I dare?

In any case, even if I did, it wouldn't be any time soon, unfortunately. For now, I'll be turning my attention back to the books I write under a different name. I just wanted to take time to wish people an early Happy New Year! And also get that whole 'first blog post' thing out of the way. I'll randomly share more thoughts about my stories and writing, in general, just to keep some fresh content here. I'll miss my short stories and novellas. I shouldn't be away from them too long, though. I look forward to coming back with more tales of erotica and romance to share.

Oh, and perhaps a prequel.

I'm staying open to the possibilities.



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